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For some landlords, selecting between furnished and unfurnished property is a tough question. There are pros and cons for both outcomes, and it may be a personal preference that helps you make your mind up. If you need guidance on this matter, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Of course, whether you offer furnished or unfurnished property, you should offer some kitchen appliances. You need to provide tenants with a way to cook food, and providing them with a place to store food safely is also important. These are essential requirements, and with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act, landlords must provide tenants with features that allow them to live a satisfying life.

You must consider the cost of appliances and your budget

When buying kitchen appliances, the cost of devices is inevitably a factor to think about. Your budget will likely influence what appliances you buy, and the standard of these appliances. However, bear in mind that saving money today may cost you in the long run.

The White Good Trade Association highlights a significant difference between the reliability of washing machines. The organisation expects cheaper washing machines to be reliable for 600 hours of use while more expensive washing machines are reliable for around 10,000 hours.

There is a big difference between these lifetimes, and you’d expect to repair or replace a cheaper washing machine many times in the lifetime of a more expensive option. Therefore, if you have the funds, you should consider how much it costs over a longer time-frame. You may receive better value for money by investing in a more expensive washing machine than having to replace cheap washing machines regularly.

A happy tenant is great news for landlords

Don’t forget that tenants are inconvenienced when a washing machine isn’t working. If a tenant is unhappy, it causes problems for landlords, and this is another factor which may influence the decision you make when deciding which washing machine opt to provide at your rental property.

As a landlord, you should also consider the impact energy efficient kitchen appliances have on tenants. When you have devices which help tenants save money, you’ll find tenants are happy to stay in your property for longer. You may even find some tenants are glad to pay more each month in rent because they know they save more in energy bills in the long-term.

There is a lot to consider for Slough landlords regarding kitchen appliances. The decision you make must be right for you and your business. If you need guidance in making an informed decision on kitchen appliances or any aspect of the letting industry, contact Addison Giles, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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