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At Addison Giles, we are delighted to say we have helped many Slough landlords run their business. However, there are some issues where you need assistance from professionals who can work in an emergency. Here are the emergency services Slough landlords need help with.

Boiler cover is crucial at short notice

There are some things in life you take for granted until you need them. A boiler is the perfect example of this scenario. When your boiler works well, you don’t give it a second thought. However, the second your boiler stops working, you have a massive problem.

A broken or inefficient problem makes tenants unhappy, and unhappy tenants are terrible news for landlords. Given the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act which is now in place, landlords cannot afford to let problems with a boiler run for too long.

Therefore, if you want to minimise problems with tenants, make sure you have a reliable local engineer on hand who can help you get your boiler back in good working order. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the boiler, but running repairs can make life more comfortable in the short-term for landlords and tenants.

As an aside, many landlords find it is worth investing in boiler cover from a local firm or energy supplier. Like all insurance policies, you hope never to use it, but if the need arises, you’ll be delighted it is in place. Given the cost of replacing or even repairing a boiler, you may find the cost of boiler cover is justifiable.

If a roofing problem arises, you need to act fast

Now that the August Bank Holiday is behind us, we are moving into autumn. There is a lot to like about autumn, but the weather may not be one of them. You can expect more rain and colder winds. If you have problems with the roof of your rental property, autumn can be extremely uncomfortable for tenants.

During the summer months, roofing issues may not be noticed. If you are proactive, enlist the services of a local roofing company to review your roof when the weather is pleasant. This step may cost you some money, but in the long-term, it saves a lot of trouble and money.

Damage caused by a leaking roof can be problematic for tenants. Water damage can ruin homes and lead to ill-health, so it is best to act quickly if problems arise. As a landlord, you or your property management services provider should have a local roofing firm they trust.

Appliances are the lifeblood of a rental home

If you supply appliances in your rental property, and they stop working, you are duty bounds to repair or replace them. If you fail to do so, you’ll find tenants become unhappy. White goods often facilitate everyday life, and if fridge freezers, washing machines, cookers or microwaves don’t work, your tenant will complain.

Therefore, as a landlord, make sure you can repair or replace these items quickly when problems arise.

If you can stay on top of these problems, you’ll find being a landlord becomes a more straightforward process. If you need helping managing rental property in and around Slough, contact Addison Giles, and we’ll be happy to help. We can also provide you with a valuation for your property, so contact us to book an assessment.

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