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The vast majority of private landlords offer a good service to their tenants. At Addison Giles, we work closely with many Slough landlords, and we’re pleased to help deliver a great standard of service to their tenants.

Of course, many tenants in England have experienced bad times in private rented accommodation. There are rogue landlords, and it is helpful to prospective tenants to know which landlords should be avoided. The Rogue Landlords Database was launched in 2018, however, as of July 2019, the list only featured ten names.

So far, only local authorities have access to the list. However, under new rent reforms, the list may be made available to tenants.

Would rogue landlord information be useful for tenants?

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said; “This database has the potential to ensure that poor quality homes across the country are improved and the worst landlords are banned, and it is right that we unlock this crucial information for new and prospective tenants. Landlords should be in no doubt that they must provide decent homes or face the consequences.”

The Government has rolled out many initiatives of late to help tenants, and protect them from rogue landlords.

Rent groups support the database

Generation Rent is a group which campaigns on the behalf of tenants. Dan Wilson Craw is a director of the organisation, and he said; “Renters have to provide references from employers and previous landlords before a landlord hands over the keys to a new flat. So it is only fair that renters get the opportunity to check that a prospective landlord doesn't have a criminal record. This plan is another victory for renters, though we need much more effective enforcement to identify all landlords who have been breaking the law.”

However, while there is backing for the database, and tenants having access to the information, there are concerns in the industry. Chris Norris is the Director of Policy and Practice at the NLA, and he said; “It’s all well and good to open the database up to tenants, but if local authorities aren’t using the powers they have to identify and enforce against these landlords, it’s not really going to be of much use to anyone.”

The NLA is concerned about the database being a pointless exercise unless action is taken. Norris continued by saying; “The inability of local authorities to enforce against bad practice is the main issue facing the private rented sector (PRS). Instead of spending time and money on a consultation, the Government would be better off giving that money to local authorities for the sole purpose of tackling criminal landlords.”

There is no denying information helps people make better decisions. At Addison Giles, we want landlords and tenants to make informed decisions in the Slough rental market. If you need help letting or renting in Slough, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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