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However, it is critical tenants know what is expected of them. A tenant who acts irresponsibly or doesn’t meet expectations is likely to be asked to leave their rental accommodation before too long. A tenant looking to stay in a rental property for a lengthy period or who wants to get their full deposit back needs to know how they should behave during the tenancy.

Paying on time is critical

The most important aspect for a tenant to focus on is paying the monthly rent on time and in full. If a tenant doesn’t pay on time, they’ll have a bad relationship with the landlord, and they run the risk of being asked to leave.

Tenants have a range of bills, but their monthly rent is the priority. If a tenant expects they will struggle to pay the rent on time this month, it is vital they inform the landlord as quickly as possible. As a landlord may be dependent on the monthly rent to pay their mortgage, it is helpful to notify the landlord of any issues as early as possible.

The landlord may be in a position where they can assist the tenant, or come to a solution. However, landlords will only be helpful if tenants raise the issue as early as possible. A tenant who only voices a problem after the rent is due is unlikely to receive much sympathy from a landlord.

Pay your associated rental bills

The monthly rental fee is the most critical bill for tenants to pay, but there are other bills to take care linked with the rental property. Tenants have to pay council tax, utility bills for gas and electricity and water bills. Tenants will also likely have telephone and broadband charges to consider each month.

Being a tenant is expensive, but when bills are linked to the rental property, they have to be paid. Failing to pay these bills may lead to the landlord being questioned or engaged by the organisation, and this can cause the tenant problems in the long-term.

The tenant should take care of the property

Tenants need to take care of the rental property. Even if a tenant is motivated by the thought of their deposit, and potentially losing some or all of the money if they don’t care for the property, it is imperative that tenants look after the rental accommodation.

An inventory checklist is handy for tenants and landlord, and it should be produced when a tenant moves into the rental property. With this guide, the tenant knows what is expected of them and the rental property, making it easier to maintain the rental accommodation in a suitable condition.

If you’re a tenant in Slough and looking for help in making the most of rental opportunities, contact Addison Giles, and we’ll be happy to help.

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