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If you need guidance on what safety checks you need to undertake, we have a landlord letting safety checklist, which will help you provide tenants with the best service.

The three main areas you need to focus on as a landlord are fire safety, electrical safety and gas safety. You also need to ensure your property has an EPC in place, and a failure to do so can lead to a penalty. There is a lot for landlords to be aware of, and we know it seems overwhelming at times.

Fire safety checks you need to consider

As a landlord, your property needs a smoke alarm on each floor. If the property has a solid-fuel burning appliance, there must be a carbon monoxide alarm in the room. Examples of a solid-fuel burning device include coal fires or wood-burning stoves. These aren’t likely to be standard features in rental property, but if your property has one, you need to meet the criteria associated with them.

An essential aspect for landlords to be aware of is the need for accessible escape routes. This information should be provided in writing, but you should walk tenants through the escape route. If you show tenants escape routes, you have peace of mind that you have done everything you can to ensure they have the knowledge they need to exit the property safely.

The issue of furnished or unfurnished property is an issue for some landlords. If you offer furniture, fittings or even electrical appliances, you must ensure these items are “fire safe”.

Electrical Safety

Landlords should ensure all electrical systems in the rental property are up to an expected standard. If the landlord provides electrical appliances for the property, they are the responsibility of the landlord.

The landlord should also arrange for an inspection of the electrical system in between tenancies. Also, an annual Portable Appliance Test should be carried out on all movable electrical products. Ideally, the landlord should ensure their rental property is professionally inspected every five years, which is a legal requirement for HMOs and is deemed good practice for all rental properties.

Gas safety is paramount

Landlords should carry out an annual test on flues and gas appliances. The landlord should retain their gas safety check record, and when a tenant moves in, they should receive a copy of the test findings. Existing tenants should obtain a copy of the results within 28 days.

For all tests, landlords should only use qualified professionals.

If you are a landlord in Slough and you need assistance ensuring your rental property is up to standard, contact Addison Giles, and we’ll be more than happy to help. We know being a landlord is difficult, but we are here to help you.

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