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After all, there is strength in numbers and even if you aren’t making the same changes as your friends, you are all going through a similar process.

For some people, the chance for a fresh start coincides with a desire or need to find a new home. Finding a new rental property is top of the list of changes many people make as the old calendar is replaced by a new one, and this is something that landlords need to be aware of.

Do your existing tenants want to move?

If you have tenants in place, it may be that they are looking to make a change. Therefore, you either need to make a play to persuade them to stay or you need to prepare your home to welcome new tenants. The fact that other tenants are also likely to make a change at this time gives you a stronger chance of welcoming new tenants, but you need to make sure your rental accommodation stands out from the crowd.

Even though there is an elevated level of demand for rental property, it is a competitive market. You need to provide tenants with a reason to choose your home over another home. The best way of achieving this is to ensure your home is presented in the best manner.

If you know who the most likely tenant is for your home, you should present your home to appeal to this style of tenant. Depending on your location, the style of home you are letting or the rental fee you hope to charge, it may be that there is a type of tenant who is ideal for your home. You, therefore, need to know what these tenants are looking for and how you can create their ideal home.

At Addison Giles, we have helped many landlords prepare their home for their ideal tenant, and we can help you do the same.

You can make quick yet effective changes at your rental accommodation

When it comes to quick and simple tips on how to make your home more presentable and tenant-ready in general, we have some tips for you:

  • When it comes to items that should be fixed to a wall, ensure these items are fixed securely
  • Review your heating system and make improvements or upgrades if required
  • Consider your choice of flooring – hardwood or tiling is stylish, but do you want to create comfort and offer insulation
  • What sort of furnishing does your likely tenant want – if any?

As you can see, some of these tips are dependent on the type of tenant you want to attract. If you are looking to rent to the student market, offering basic furnishings is a very smart idea. If you are looking to rent to a family, an unfurnished flat may be better as they are likely to have belongings of their own.

You also need to ensure you review your local market and then price your rental property accordingly. The average rental fee provides you with a good starting point for considering a rental fee, but your home may not be the average home. It makes sense to have your property valued and compare it with comparable homes in your area, as this will provide you with more relevant guidance in pricing your rental home.

At Addison Giles, we appreciate the benefits of a fresh beginning and a clean start. If you are a landlord looking to attract new tenants or you want to provide a better standard of service, please get in touch. We have helped many local landlords and we look forward to assisting you.

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