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Do you have landlord insurance in place and it is sufficient cover?

It is vital that landlords have sufficient cover in place for their rental property. There is a need to have buildings insurance and contents insurance which will cover any repair work carried out in the case of the rental property being damaged by challenging weather conditions.

A landlord should also consider the benefits of holding property owners’ liability insurance in time for winter. At this time of year, slips, trips and accidents are more likely, and this form of cover can cover a landlord for any compensation claim made against them.

Check your pipes

The quality and condition of your pipes will have a significant impact on how well you handle winter at your rental property. You should ensure that there are no leaks and that the joints are secure. If there are any small cracks, you should seal these with putty.

Landlords are also advised to ensure that their pipes are properly insulated. If pipes are not properly insulated, they could freeze and burst in cold temperatures.

Ensure your roof is in excellent condition

Heading into winter, you want to ensure that your roof is in excellent condition. This may be something that you need help from a specialist roofer from, but it makes sense to hire an expert at this time.

Issues with broken tiles, pointing and rendering or even any cracks could cause bigger problems during a cold or wet winter, so have these resolved as quickly as possible.

Clear out your gutters

Clearing your gutters isn’t a fun or pleasant job but if you want to ensure the property is cared for, it makes sense to remove leaves and debris from your gutter.

Also, if any part of your guttering is broken, blocked or damaged, repair or replace it before winter, as these issues can become very problematic in winter.

Ensure the heating system is in excellent condition

Landlords have a legal requirement when it comes to having their gas system checked but there is no harm in making sure that the boiler at the property has been checked. A full service can save a lot of money in the long-term, and it will provide your tenant with confidence.

Speak with the tenants

Communication is vital in caring for the rental property and a landlord should look to converse with their tenants and find out their plans over the festive period and winter. If the tenant is going to be away for any length of time, it is vital that the landlord checks in on the property and ensures it is in terrific condition.

If you are a local landlord and you want to minimise the risk of problems arising this winter, contact Addison Giles and we will do everything we can to ensure your rental accommodation is in excellent condition.


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